Green & OOLONG


THYOLO OP1 211 green

- Woody dark forest colour


-Chestnut & hazelnut

- Light & easy drinking

Soft & smooth on the tounge

-Slightly fermented


Anther challenge was to make green tea in a non traditional green tea area using varietals used for  black tea. We were not the first to try in South East Africa, but believe we were the first to make a quality product and show what was possible. We make both a steamed and roasted green green teas and now planting out some interesting varietals that will continue our journey. 

Inspired by a trip to Taiwan with one of our Japanese customers in 2007, making an outstanding Oolong has since been an ambition of Alexanders. we work on this each year when the season is right and are building up a following for these teas. Recently we have been producing a first flush in the stye of Darjeeling. Although they call theirs a black tea for us its an Oolong type. Look out for our first flush, we are excited about this one!

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Satemwa Tea Estate - Box 6 - Thyolo - Malawi