-Highly unusual & unique. 

-Clear Pear

- A very generous & intense purely natural lychee & frangipani aromas

- Light, floral & sweet. With touches of the loquat stone fruit 

- Hand selected velvety antlers from finely plucked shoots, Experience this teas different dimensions by steeping it up to 6-7 times. Serve chilled all day long in a champagne flute glass




This is where our adventure into orthodox tea re-started (after stopping black orthodox production in the 1960s in favour of CTC or Cut Tea and Curl). In the early 2000's we had started to read about 'white tea' in popular magazines. Being nearly 100 years in the tea business and not knowing what this was stimulated our creative juices. The first trials were done by 'Chip' our Chairman in his office where he dried silver tips in the saucer of his teacup! After geeking out and drying, weighing and tasting different components of a shoot of many different varietals, we have over time managed to develop some world class white teas. Thanks to early support from companies like Rare Tea www.raretea.co.uk for helping us turn them into commercial products that are found in such acclaimed restaurants such as Noma and The Blue Barn. 


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Satemwa Tea Estate - Box 6 - Thyolo - Malawi