In 2014 through a DIFID and UN supported Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund project, we helped to 

establish a group of smallholder herb growers. We have been providing extension services to these and new growers ever since and buy their herbs to sell as pure lines or to blend in to our teas. 

Although perhaps sacrilege to the purist we have, it is a great way to introduce or re-introduce people to tea and a great way to extend the functional food aspect of tea. 

We are always looking out for new herb lines to grow and are continually trialing new things. Get in touch if you are looking for something specific.

Grown by smallholders

in the area around Satemwa tea estate.

Leaves give an intense fresh lemon taste and the cup is clean and bright.

A family favourite..

If this is not in the house the Mama will have a fit!

She needs it in her black tea :)



Our lemongrass is grown by smallholders in the

area and carefully selected and sun dried.

This LEMONGRASS will give 

you so much good stuff you wont

recognise yourself after a sip!


This amazing flower is grown by smallholders in the area and we have a close relationship with our farmers..

This Red Hibiscus is all you need on a hot summer day. It will boost you full of vitamin C and fill you with energy.

It is a given in our fridge! Always! 



This Spearmint is grown either on Satemwa or by smallholder farmers in our area.

Handled with care it is then dried on Satemwa.

The flavour is full of ounf and all sorts of marvellous shit will happen when you drink it!!

for sure!


Our peppermint is grown either on Satemwa or by smallholder farmers in the nearby area that we have a close relationship with.

Peppermint will wake you up with a bang

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