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ESA Birds Require Low Maintenance - 2022 Guide

Birds are very smart and some species of birds can be very friendly. Many individuals adopt birds as their pets. If you’re a bird lover, the good news is that your pet birds can also legally become an emotional support animal (ESA) for you. If you have some emotional or mental disability, birds can be very helpful for you to cope with your disabilities. Your ESA bird will be considered as part of your treatment and you will be able to go with your bird at any place in the US. The only thing you require is an esa letter for housing which will enable your bird to enter into animal-prohibited places.

This letter is the magic wand that enables you and your bird ESA to enter into places that they’re usually not allowed. You can get your letter by visiting a registered mental health physician. But there is the possibility that the physician refuses to issue a letter after examining your mental health conditions. Do not lose hope as now you can get your ESA letter at your doorstep. Our professional team will work for you and will perform all the legal formalities on your behalf. Do not waste your time here and there as you’re just one click away from a legal permission letter for your bird.

Tremendous Low Maintenance Cost for Bird ESAs

The following list below, are some of the aspects that will prove how relatively easy it is to adopt an emotional support animal letter as compared to the traditional ESAs.

  1. Less cost for feeding a bird: in contrast with other traditional ESAs, the maintenance cost for birds is very low. They need frequent feedings but their diet is relatively less expensive. Your bird ESA will feel happy to share your routine diet plan. You can share fruits, vegetables, and nuts with your bird ESA.

  2. You do not need to spend on their grooming: birds are very beautiful and colorful creatures. Even their natural beauty does not require any grooming from you. So, the grooming cost is almost zero in the case of bird ESAs. They can groom themselves on their own. Birds clean their feathers on a daily basis.

  3. Birds require relatively less space: if you are living in a very small apartment or have to share your accommodation with others, bird ESAs are most suitable for you as they don’t require as much space as other traditional ESAs, like dogs and cats, do. Most of the bird ESAs require relatively less space for living. They can live in a small cage and it's quite easy to clean their cages. They can spend a lot of time in their cage and don’t disturb you in your routine matters. Moreover, they do not create a mess in your apartment.

  4. Bird ESAs required less time and attention from you: The traditional ESAs require an outside walk but you do not need to do this in the case of your bird ESA. Birds can spend a very long time without demanding any attention from you. You can easily move out of the station for your professional or personal assignments without worrying about your bird ESA.

  5. Your house will be a safe place: traditional ESAs like dogs or cats can damage home appliances as they can be naughty and out of control at times. But your bird ESA will always be very calm and attractive. There are no chances that you have to bear a loss due to your bird ESA. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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