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How to come up with a good story


Work the characters through to the end. This is where the main work on the characters begins, and here you can't miss anything. As in the creation of the scene, don't be afraid to compose unnecessary details - they may come in handy later. So take as many notes as possible and save them. Ask yourself questions like, "Why does my character dress in this particular style?" - And write down the answers. Don't forget that a good character changes over time, so try to make their images as flexible as possible. However, pay for paper don't overdo it so they don't seem indecisive or fickle. Imagine possible relationships between characters and their family and friendships. Try to develop each character in as much detail as possible.


Consider cause-and-effect relationships. Every action has consequences, which means that no event is random-unless, of course, you plan to write my capstone paper for me deliberately describe it as arbitrary and chaotic.


Create Conflict. You'll probably be starting to build a coherent plot at this point, so you need conflict, or in other words, a reason for your characters' actions. Conflict isn't necessary at the beginning of the narrative, but you can't develop the story without it later on.


Develop Events. Event development is the sequence of incidents and actions of the characters that leads to the climax of the story. Usually this part of the story occupies the main part of the narrative and you will have to work on it especially diligently, because if you write it poorly, the climax may come out dull and uninteresting. The main events of the story reveal the character traits of the characters, so let them face problems in which they can demonstrate their full potential.

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