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Black & Dark

OUR BLACK TEAS..........

These are the teas we drink all day, every day and we have something for everyone, from strong builder teas

where a splash of milk helps develop the strong creamy body to a seasonally available handrolled tea with distinctive and unique floral notes. We are really proud of our black tea range and particularly the stone fruit flavours that some of our Malawian cultivars develop in the spring time. Our founder Maclean Kay was always a strong advocate of quality and we strive to maintain this standard he set.

OUR DARK TEAS..........

A relatively new departure for us. We started developing Dark Teas in 2009 in partnership with a Japanese company. All our teas todate are in the shou or 'cooked' style and are specially focused on developing clean flavours. These teas are always a surprise on our tasting table for tea aficionados who never expect to find this type never mind this quality (!) of tea in our part of the world. Know for their health benefits we plan to expand our range of dark teas in the future.


-Uniform wiry leaves and silver tips

- Dark Forest Honey

- Dry wood with hints of gooseberry jam

- Malty with olive notes,

similar tones in

the white muscatel grape



- A coppery shiny glow

- Bourbon

-Sweet pine forest

-Soft aromatic taste with exotic

woody touches

- A blend of our best varietals


BwumbweHandmade 417

- Rare Nyala Antelope horns with orange glow

- Marawi Gold like the first tribe in Malawi

- Orange honey blossom

- "Orangette" a Belgian orange sweet

dipped in dark chocolate

Expresses true

high grown charachter

- A lightly oxidized black tea

Hand rolled with love and craftsmanship 

to your prefection!

This is the web designers favourite :)


Thyolo TSFBOP1 413

-A broken grade with rich

twisted humus flakes

-Copper Cognac

-Baked Apple

-A smooth black tea, strong malty

taste with a spicy sent

& a citrus fruit background

- A minimum of grading & a reddish fibre which adds to the complexity.

Drink this flavoursome tea

without milk



- Neat twisted leaf Ungraded with little oxidized reddish fibres and silver tips

-Red African soil

-Fresh African rain

- Produces a sweet rounded powerful

thick cup with olive notes

- The red fibres could be taken

out but Satemwa loves the extra

dimension it gives to the taste

and the pallet.

Ideal to drink with milk.




- Almost to pretty to drink with long beautiful twists

- A cup with tints of light amber

-This is a lovely smoked black tea that will blow 

you away  but still sweet as a prune

and feels like you have

a bourbon praline melting in our mouth. 

A clear favourite 



Long Leaf LL


- Beautiful Longer Leaf then its sibling 414

- A cup with tints of maple syrup

- A smokey full flavour that lingers on the pallet

Ideal to drink with milk.


Thyolo TSFBOP1 423

Long Leaf LL

-A neat well twisted longer leaf then its sibling 413

- A warm maple syrup 

-A smooth and fresh black tea with

hints of spice like cloves

and cinnamon.


SATEMWA Breakfast 425


- A neat broken grade with some silver tips

- A cup with tints of maple syrup

- Mouthful feels like velvet with flavours of grape

Its a rich cup but yet smooth and elegant like a 

highland whiskey with a hint of vanilla to add 


A lovely tea to start your day, during the day, and 

why not in the evening as well

- a favourite in the tasting room

Ideal to drink with milk.


THYOLO MOTO Tsfbop1 427


- Lightly smoked broken black tea

- A Dark Amber cup

- A lovely smoked tea for beginners.

This grade can be used in luxury muslin or high

quality tea bags for on the go



- This dark tea is a leaf form 

- Dark Mahogony

- Fresh forest & damp moss

-Soft & mild and typically earthy & woody character Liquorice with harmonic & plesantly spicy aftertaste

-Produced following modern scientific methods

and practises but with the African Satemwa touch.

-And GOSH its nice with ginger and lemon....

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