Not REAL tea as CHIP would have said, but they are too good not to share with the world so we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

WHITE hibiscus/passion/peach 715

- This is the CROWD pleaser number ONE

- Sweetness from the white tea and the citrus notes from the hibiscus will take you straight to a summer meadow full of life and colour.

- It makes an amazing ICE TEA and a sweet  energising treat drunk warm on a cold day. 


- Light yellow and green in the cup

- Twisted green with "fresh" whole Mint leaf thats so attractive you might just wanna look at it for a while before you brew it :)

- Very smooth and velvety on the pallet and  the perfect combination of fresh green tea and the sweetness from the beautiful mint.

- In the hot season this is a given as a refreshing ICE TEA in our fridge

- This tea is an entry point into the complex world of green teas. What is there not to love?


-Light yellow and green cup

- Leaf is twisted green with cut Verbena 

- Its fresh like a citrus with herbal notes, like a mountain spring in your cup. 

- The freshness from the Verbena takes this green cup to the next level of drinking experience.

GREEN Peach Ginger 724

- A lovely lime green cup

- And here its all in the name

The best of a smooth green and the flavours of sweet peach and punchy ginger.

- You cant go wrong with this one any time of the day or night when you need to add some JOYfullNEss


- Light yellow and green cup

- Smooth green tea with your favourite bergamot flavours

- Its really unique and special and if you always loved the black earl grey I can promise you that this one will become your new favourite.


- A cup full of warm gold

- A beautiful black tea full of flavour and...Hmmmm....what can I say...probably the best Earl Grey we ever tasted!


- A dark honey cup

- A robust black tea with cloves and citrus peel

-Soothing and comforting like your favourite dark chocolate with orange hints 

- Its full of  Christmas flavours but its possible to take that feeling with you all year round with this beautiful cup.

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