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Be like a


bend but don't break

Be flexible yet

firmly rooted.


We operate a commercial Bamboo nursery on Satemwa, Thyolo in the south of Malawi and have supplied a number of contracts across the central and southern region since we established in 2015. 

These include:

-The Government of Malawi under a World bank Funded project

-Africa Parks


We also maintain our own bamboo forests and this experience allows us to offer seasoned and particle advice on variety selection and husbandry.

Current Varieties available include giant bamboo species


- Bambusa polymorpha

- Cephalostachyum Pergracile

- Bambusa textilis 

- Dendrocalamus membrenaceus cv grandis

- Dendrocalamus asper

- As well as the endemic variety Oxytenanthera Abysinica

Contact us for more information and pricing

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